The Scholars Grants Recipients and Their Projects

2024 (Twentieth Annual)

More than Meets the Eye: A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Guide to Understanding Your Eating Disorder
Danielle Novack, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
The Immigrant’s Dream Home: Moving Towards Hybridity
Liat Tsuman-Caspi, PhD

Clinicial Seminar for NYU Postdoc Faculty & Supervisors on Racial Enactments
Ronnie Lesser, PhD and Nina Thomas, PhD, ABPP with participation by Kathleen Pogue White, PhD

2023 (Nineteenth Annual)

Persephone’s Peril: Rape and its Repercussions
Catherine Baker-Pitts, PhD, LCSW

The Mystery of Psychoanalysis
Mark Gerald, PhD

2022 (Eighteenth Annual)

The Eel and the Blowfish: A Tale of Dreams, Trauma and Healing
Leanne Domash, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
Unshrouding Suicide
Alexis Tomarken, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
Towards a Feminist Maternal Agent: Fostering Subjectivity and Destigmatizing Ambivalence in the Dangerously Idealized Mother
Lisa Weiser, PhD

2021 (Seventeenth Annual)

Seymour Moscovitz, PhD, Gil Katz, PhD and Margery Kalb, PhD
for continuing work on the project: Hans W. Loewald: Quiet Revolutionary, Insistent Synthesizer

2020 (Sixteenth Annual)

Seymour Moscovitz, PhD, Gil Katz, PhD, and Margery Kalb, PhD
Hans W. Loewald: Quiet Revolutionary, Insistent Synthesizer

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
Couched: Psychoanalytic Podcast

Romy Reading, PhD

2019 (Fifteenth Annual)

Up to Date and On Line: Improving Data and Systems Management at Postdoc
Melinda Gellman, PhD.

The American Psychoanalyst: The Life and Work of Clara Mabel Thompson
Ann D’Ercole, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
The Psychodynamics of Suicide Among Adult Gay Men

Ryan Kull, PhD, MSW

2018 (Fourteenth Annual)

Fostering Attachment with Birth Mothers
Phyllis M. Cohen Ph.D. and Andrea Remez, PhD

On Finding Clara Mabel Thompson
Ann D’Ercole Ph.D.

A Picture Book of Racialized Encounters
Annie Lee Jones Ph.D.

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
Couched: Psychoanalytic Podcast

Romy Reading, PhD

2017 (Thirteenth Annual)

The Heart of the Witness-Activist-Practitioner: Engaging social  and historical trauma.
Judy Roth, PhD.

When Alice Meets Eve in the Gardens of the Known and the Unknown: A trauma psychodrama
Leanne Domash, PhD and Evelyn Rappoport, PsyD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant
Becoming Experience: The role of experiential energy in psychoanalysis
Eve Gordon, PhD

Special Scholar’s Grant
Dolores Morris, PhD
Reflections of Society Presidents

2016 (Twelfth Annual)

From Couch to Community: Applying Theory to Practice in the Graying Divorce Revolution
Joy Dryer, PhD

Envisioning Diversity at NYU Postdoc
Alexandra Woods, PhD, Annie Lee Jones, PhD

2015 (Eleventh Annual)

The Meeting of My Dreams
Leanne Domash, PhD

Becoming a Psychoanalyst: A Lifelong Pursuit: Fifteen Stories on Finding One’s Analytic Voice and Identity
Linda Hillman, PhD and Therese Rosenblatt, Ph.D

Soul and Silicone: A Documentary Film About How Dolls Become Real
Danielle Knafo, PhD

Reconceiving Childlessness: Exploring States of Generativity and Meaning in both Parents and Nonparents
Jennifer Cantor, PhD

Postcards from New York: Reflections on the Journey and Transformation of the Cross-Cultural Artist
Limor Kaufman, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grants:

Technology in Psychoanalysis
Michael Mance, PhD

Gender Inside Out: One woman’s psychoanalytic treatment in 1940s Los Angeles
Katherine Jenness, PhD

2014 (Tenth Annual)

The Sounds of Silence: Freud, the Founding Fathers, and Free Speech
Jill Gentile, PhD

Risk and Resilience in 9/11 Pregnant Widows and Their Infants
Beatrice Beebe, PhD

2013 (Ninth Annual)

Mended by the Muse: Creative Transformations of Trauma
Sophia Richman, PhD

Money as a Clinical Issue: Psychoanalysis’ under-explored topic
Ella Lasky, PhD

Assessing the Efficacy of the Postdoctoral Society’s New On-line Referral Directory
Helen Levine, PhD and Phylis Urman Klein, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant:
Locating Ourselves: Immigration in the Psychoanalytic Encounter
Julia Beltsiou, PhD

2012 (Eighth Annual)

PsychMatters: An Interactive Online Psychoanalytic Forum for “The Public”
Roanne Barnett, PhD:

A Tisket-a-Tasket:Parenting by tasks
Wendy Lubin, PhD

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Study Group
Ann D’Ercole, PhD: Steven Botticelli, PhD: Jack Drescher, MD, and Martin Devine, PhD

Patrick Lane Candidate Grant:
Vicarious Trauma in Biography and Psychoanalysis
Deborah Browning, PhD

2011 (Seventh Annual)

Dancing with the Unconscious: The Art of Psychoanalysis and the Psychoanalysis of Art
Danielle Knafo, PhD

Trans-generational Transmission of Trauma and its Enduring Impact
Jill Salberg, PhD: and Sue Grand, PhD

Feminist Literary Criticism: Writing and Reading Intersubjectively
Therese Ragen, PhD

2010 (Sixth Annual)

The Disaster Response and the Development of Resilience
Laura Barbanel

Crows on the Cradle: Psychosocial Initiation on Behalf of Children and Parents Living in Political Conflict in Jerusalem
Judy Roth, PhD

The Use of Self in a Neonatal and Pediatric Care Setting
Zina Steinberg, PhD and Susan Kraemer, PhD

2009 (Fifth Annual)

The Psychodynamics of Medicine
Maureen O’Reilly-Landry, PhD

Psychological Impact of Giving Testimony in War Crimes Tribunals and Truth Commissions
Nina K. Thomas, PhD, ABPP

2008 (Fourth Annual)

Perversion and the Internet
Helen Levine, PhD, reporting principal; Isaac Tylim, PhD, ABPP

Using the Interpersonal Therapeutic Relationship to Reactivate Dormant Creativity In Depressed and Dementing Patients.
Alvin Atkins, PhD, ABPP

The Impossible Bond: Challenges of Being a Psychoanalyst Parent of a Difficult Child
Judith S. Levy, Ph.D.

2007 (Third Annual)

Internet Project for the Public Visibility of Psychoanalysis
Susan B. Parlow, PhD, reporting principal; Sharon M. Brennan, PhD, Jack Drescher, MD,; Kenneth E. Feiner, PhD, Harriette Kaley, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Services for Training and Research with Adolescents and Their Families
Paul H. Feinberg, PhD

2006 (Second Annual)

Disaster Response, the Treatment of Trauma and the Development of Resilience
Laura H. Barbanel, PhD

In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch: Portraits of Psychoanalysts in their Offices
Mark Gerald, PhD

Psychodynamic Consultation to a Rabbinical School
Ian S. Miller, Ph.D.

2005 (First Annual)

A Program in Disaster and Trauma Interventions
Isaac Tylim, PhD, ABPP, reporting principal; Elizabeth R. Goren, PhD, Robert M. Prince, PhD, ABPP; Sergio Rothstein, PhD, Nina K. Thomas, PhD, ABPP

Sequential Formulations Towards Knowing Psychoanalytic Process
Richard Lasky, PhD, ABPP, reporting principal; Norbert Freedman, PhD, Marvin Hurvich, PhD, ABPP

The Insider Outside: A Psychotherapist’s Journey from Ground Zero – the Story of New York and New Yorkers After 9/11 Through the Eyes of a Psychoanalyst
Elizabeth R. Goren, PhD